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Equipment Request Form

HelpDesk/Media Services Equipment Request

Instructions This form is intended to provide a single place where you can request the use of technology-related equipment available at the law school.  Be sure the form is filled out completely.  Fields marked with an * are required and must be filled in before your request can be processed.  Click on the Submit button to have your request sent to the various law school departments for processing.  You should receive an e-mail response once the request has been processed.  Click here to see past requests.  

Name of Requestor *   Select *
E-mail Address *
Name of Event (if any)
Date(s) *   Start Time *
Room or Location *    End Time *
If recurring, please specify

Please select equipment:
wireless lapel microphone(s)
wireless handheld microphone(s)
wired microphone(s)
floor stand(s) for microphone
table stand(s) for microphone
portable CD recorder
portable speaker system
computer speaker system
anchor floor speaker
wii gaming system
document camera
video camera
web camera (USB)
video projector(s)
video projector screen(s)
laptop computer(s)
wireless mouse
Polycom video conference system
Zoom video conference system
video conference speaker/microphone
audio conference phone
tape cassette player/recorder
DVD/VHS player(s) w/TV monitor on cart
LCD panel(s) on cart
Please select recording options:
If the event is to be recorded, please so indicate.  Select all recording options that apply.  Enter recording information, addresses, and other details in the Special Instructions field.
Record the event
audio casette tape
VHS (video casette tape)
CD (compact disk)
DVD (digital video disk)
MP3 (audio file)
MP4 (video file)
WMV (video file)
Post Production:
Deliver the media to me
Post the recording on the web
E-mail the recording to me (MP3 or WMV only)

Special Instructions:

Faculty/staff must sign an equipment release form to remove equipment from building.
Students may not check out equipment without having a faculty advisor contact the Media Services Office.